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Bill Deihl

Dick Driscoll

Johnny Canton

Stan Mack

Scott Burton

Perry St. John

Don Kelly

Tom Wynn

Jim Dandy

Before this Texan became a legend in New York, Dan Daniel ("Dandy Dan" that is) was on WDGY in the Twin Cities. This photo is off the back of a 1961 survey, courtesy of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. Shortly after it was taken Dan went to WMCA and spent over forty years in the Big Apple working at other stations before spinning the sounds on WCBS-FM. Triple "D" returned to the airwaves there after an absence for heart by-pass surgery. He recently passed away. Click on his photo to hear him on "Wee Gee" in 1957 or go to bottom of page if you need Real Player.  An unscoped aircheck of him on WMCA in 1963 can be had from Tom Konnard's Aircheck Factory featuring a Frank Stickle newscast at the beginning. 

Bill Deihl, not to be confused with ABC's man of the same name was with WDGY in the 1960's, WCCO after that and has worked for the St. Paul Pioneer Press for around fifty years retiring just a few years ago. Bill appeared in a video about the Beatles coming to Minnesota in 1965 that came out in the mid-90's.

Famous for his personality and "Count Dracula" character, who had a fanclub in the 1950's and early sixties on WDGY, Dick Driscoll worked in Armed Forces radio during the Korean war before going to a North Dakota station for a short time then returning to the Twin Cities. Dick played the sounds as oldies in the 1980's at AMers WWTC in the 1980's and KLBB in the
1990's, is now out of radio, still living in the Twin Cities metro doing voice work from his own studio. Click Dick, his photo that is, to hear him and the "Count" or go to bottom of page.

In 1966 Johnny Canton came to WDGY, after having worked in Cleveland, Kansas City, Rochester, NY. and a few other places. He was program director at "Wee Gee" for much of the time he was there leaving in 1977 when the station changed format. Johnny has been seen in national TV commercials and in the movies, "Airport" and "Mad Dogs & Englishmen". Locally on TV he hosted "Bowlerama!" and "Bowling For Dollars". He did noon to four, weekdays on WDGY and was heard on the Twin Cities airwaves in that same timeslot on WLTE 102.9 FM in the '90s. Sadly he passed away in January, 2017.

Coming by way of KFRC, San Francisco and Cleveland's WHK, Scott Burton started at WDGY in 1965 going to Washington, D.C. (WWDC) in 1971. during the 1970'S Scott worked in St. Louis, San Diego, back to San Francisco before becoming a station owner in Phoenix around 1980. 

Sad to report that some of the guys are no longer with us.  WDGY's Perry St. John  passed away early last year.

St. Paul native and Cretin High School graduate, Don Kelly served in the Navy and attended the University of Minnesota before going to the American Institute of The Air (now Brown Institute) from which he graduated in 1948. That same year started his first radio job at KLIZ, Brainerd, MN. Next stop was KTRI, Sioux City, IA. in 1950 and on to KILO, Grand Forks, ND. the following year. In 1952 Don left the region for San Antonio, Texas'  WOAI as a featured radio newscaster weekdays and TV news anchor on weekends, returning to the Twin Cities in late 1953. Early 1954 brought him to the home market airwaves on WLOL.  His photo is on their 1956 survey that resides in the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. That year he and  Steve Cannon joined forces as the highly successful Kelly/Cannon Show. A better opportunity lured Don to the "New WDGY" in early 1957 where he would stay into the early 1960's with Leigh Kamman replacing him at WLOL.  From there it was to top 40 WPTR in Albany, NY. then KMBC, Kansas City. He went on to be GM at WCBM, Baltimore; WIP, Phiadelphia and  KLAC, Los Angeles. Don has retired from the business and lives in the Twin Cities west metro. You can hear an aircheck of him from 1957 by clicking on his pic or link below. 

Tom Wynn could be heard on KBIZ, Ottumwa, Iowa and KDHL, Faribault, Minnesota in 1956 before coming to WLOL in the Twin Cities the following year. In 1958 Tom went to WDGY. His photo on the right came from the back of a station survey. In the 1960's he worked at KRSI and did another stint at WLOL. 1979 began mornings at Fargo, ND. talker KFGO where he can be heard to this day. This station has won four Edward R. Murrow and two Peabody awards as well as number one News/talk station in the country. You can hear Tom on "Wee Gee" in early 1961 by clicking on his photo or link below.  You can catch him live weekday mornings 5 to 9 on Fargo, ND. talker KFGO 790AM along with Uncle Larry Ristvedt by going to http://www.kfgo.com/ . Station streams 24/7 except for certain sports events. 

Watchout! It's Jim Dandy to the rescue. Remember the Lavern Baker hit? Or the horse of that name upsetting the Travers Stakes at Saratoga in the 1930's? If you answered yes on number two you're a bit older than we thought. This Jim, not to be confused with another of same name in Oklahoma can be heard with Real Audio going up against the competion in prime time evenings.

We have an aircheck on Stan Mack. You know what to do. He does a bit so corny it's funny. Stan is retired and living in Las Vegas.

Tom Konnard's Aircheck Factory, Aircheck Acres, Wild Rose, WI. 54984. Loads of unscoped airchecks available from the 1950's to 90's including Dan Daniel WMCA 1963. Write to Tom via snail mail for more info.

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Tom Wynn WDGY 1961

Jim Dandy WDGY fall 1966

All airchecks below are downloads. This could take a bit of time on the longer airchecks. The Dick Driscoll is over two megs. Click on name at top of page. Time will depend upon the modem you have.

3 WDGY 1957 jingles (0:2:00)

Bill Armstrong WDGY 1957 (0:1:44)

Dan Daniel WDGY 1957 (0:1:40)

Dan Daniel WMCA April, 1963 (0:10:22)

Don Kelly WDGY 1957

Stan Mack WDGY 1957

Dick Driscoll & Drac WDGY June 1960 (0:17:30)

Bill Deihl WDGY 1957 (0:1:22)


 Tom Wynn and Jim Dandy  courtesy of The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository. These links take you to the airchecks located on that site. All others courtesy of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting except Dan Daniel on WMCA (courtesy Tom Konard/Aircheck Factory) and are located on this site.

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