Click on station to go to its year index . Then follow instructions to view surveys. KRLA: All 1961 and most 62 are up. All 1963 surveys are up plus much of 1964 and all of 1965 and the first six months of 1966. Every week of KHJ is now up from its first survey as "Bossradio" July 9, 1965 through the end of 1975, except 1967 thru 1970. KFI surveys from April, to December, 1979. All KFWB surveys from Jan., 1958 thru 1966 now up. All but one 1966 survey is up. And some 1967 are now posted. The station went all news on March 11, 1968.

If you don't see it listed, we never had it.

KRLA Surveys

KFWB Surveys

KHJ Surveys

KFI Surveys

Links below will take you to jock photos plus other items for L.A. radio and other cities. Los Angeles was home to many radio legends. Emperor Hudson, The Real Don Steele, Robert W. Morgan and many others including the west stop for B. Mitchell Reed, who went back and forth to New York. The links below will take you to sites with photos and lots more.

Check out The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository to hear many of your favorite on-air personalities of the 1950's, 60's and on. Since 1996, The Original Radio Aircheck Site, not-for-profit, all contributors welcome. "Uncle Ricky" currently has over 700 audio exhibits with descriptive text and comments.

Chris Stinson has loads of 1960's and 70's surveys from Detroit area stations CKLW and WKNR that can be found at his great radio site. Not only that but KGB San Diego and Fresno, CA. surveys! Plus links to other sites. Chances are if you DX'ed AM back when you heard CKLW the "The Big 8".


Thanks to Louis Iacueo and Mike Devich for the KRLA surveys now up, Louis also for KHJ which he sent in a large number of hard photocopies and Ray Randolph for the ready typed KHJ ones. KFWB surveys have been brought in by Mike Devich, Jim Leffler, Scott Stevens, Rick Rumick and Bob Beban. And to Chris Stinson for the KFI ones. Check out Chris' site for Detroit area surveys, plus San Diego and Fresno, CA.

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