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Below, a KDWB survey cover from 1962.



Twin cities surveys

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WDGY Surveys
Check out what was happening on the charts of this fifty kilowatt powerhouse. Currently there are about 25 to 30 charts from 1964 and 1965 each. 1966 & 67 nearly complete. Over forty from 1968. Thirty-six from 1969 over 40 1970 a couple dozen each from 1971 and 72, 34 from 1973. About a dozen from the 1950's plus some from 1960 and 61.

KDWB Surveys
Right now there are 49 from 1960, 1961 complete, around thirty from 1962, 1963 almost complete,  1964, 1966 and 1967 complete, 45 from 1965 and 51 each from 1970 and 71. Playlist was frozen in at least one of the 1971 "missing" weeks. Fifteen 1972. This station became top 40 in the fall of 1959. Today an FM station using those calls still plays current hits.

WLOL Surveys
They played top forty in the 1950's and here are some surveys in text form. 1330 on the AM dial back when.

The WDGY Disc Jockeys
The "Weegee" personalities who spun the sounds on Twin Cities airwaves and made radio great listening. Some photos, quick bios plus links to airchecks of a few of them to hear as they were on the air back when courtesy of The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository and Pavek Museum.

The KDWB Disc Jockeys
A cast of "characters" you may say of the guys manning the mikes and turntables at "Channel 63". They had a ball and so did the listeners. Photos, brief bios, no not histories of their underwear, and links to some airchecks courtesy of The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository and "Uncle Ricky".

Station Histories
How did it start for these Two titans of the airwaves. One was founded by a doctor in the early 1920's and run from his North Minneapolis home. The other had its beginnings in 1951 as what many would call a joke.

It happened On the Air
Survey crewmember Jeff Lonto gives us the pasts of Twin Cities stations in "Station Histories" here. J. R. is author and publisher of "Fiasco at 1280, The Rise And Hard Fall Of A Twin Cities Station". Most radio people can relate to this. Go to "Links And Things" or direct to his website STUDIOZ-7.com for more info on ordering. J. R. is also back in the Pavek Museum's bi-monthly newsletter with his "It Happened On The Air" column.

Remembering Some Of The Twin Cities Radio Personalities No Longer With Us
Dan Daniel, Herb Oscar Anderson, Perry St. John, Johnny Canton, Dick Driscoll, Ugly Del Roberts, Wolfman Jack, Jim Dandy, Don K. Martin

the Twin Cities survey crew

Thanks to the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting, Scott Stevens, Dick Sigurdson, Tom Policone, Tom Gavaras (Radio Tapes), Dan Holm (of the Chancellors), Larry Klosowski, Rick Hy, Jim Jankiewicz, Jim (Hymie) Peterson (Hymie's Vintage Records), Jim Oldsberg (Lost & Found Magazine), Jeff Lonto (author and publisher of "Fiasco At 1280 - The Rise And Hard Fall Of A Twin Cities Radio Station"), Stu Held, Curt Lundgren, Sam Hale, Chuck Farrell, Jeff Brandt, Johnny Canton, Ray Bourdeaux, Tammy Rodriguez and Dennis Ebling for the surveys here. Dennis has sent in more WDGY from the late 60's into the early 70's, the first few have been posted.

A huge thankyou goes to survey contributor, Senator Don Betzold who through his donation of over three hundred KDWB charts to the Pavek Museum has single-handedly taken 1964 and 1966 from almost nothing to complete years for "Channel 63", 1965 to an almost and filled in the holes in 1963 and 1967 to complete them. Thanks again, Don!

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