Some memories of shows taken from the back of a WTRY survey

Top: WTRY jocks lend Herman's Hermits their jackets
Middle: Left, the Ikettes. Right, Bob Fuller and Rick Snyder with Freddy Cannon (left).
Bottom: left, Round Robin. Right: Peter Noone with fans.

Above left: Peter Noone and Bob Fuller. Right: Bobby Vee and Lee Gray

Above: Freddy Cannon, second from left, with Bob Fuller (left), Mary Jo Snyder, Ed Reilly, Rick Snyder, Sally and Jay Clark.

Above: Round Robin

The Jocks

Above:  left; Lee Gray, Rick Snyder

Above:  left; Don Weeks, Ed Reilly

Above: left; Jay Stewart, Ted Jones

Above: left; Lee Gray, Bob Connell

Above: left; Bob Fuller, Jay Clark

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